🚨🎮 Patch 1.02 for all current Fortnite Creative Practise maps has arrived! 🎮🚨

🎉🚀NEW UPDATE for Overpowered Free For All!🚀🎉

  • Access the Itemshop 🛍️ straight from the map 🗺️ with the new Item Shop Device 📱 next to the changing booth!
  • Also, get ready for some heavy firepower with the new MAMMOTH PISTOL! 🐘💥🔫 This ancient beast delivers a crushing blow and is all set to rumble the Wilds!
  • Join the chaos in Patch 1.02! 🎮⚔️💣

🚀 Reality Free For All Update v1.02 is live and wild! 🌴

  • 🛍️ Now access the Item Shop directly from Reality Free For All! Look for the new device next to the changing booth! 🔄
  • 🔫 Grab the NEW Mammoth Pistol! Like a beast from the past, this big, powerful, single-shot weapon delivers a crushing blow! 💥
  • 🗝️ Mammoth Pistol now also in the Vault, available in all rarities.
  • 🔒 Lock on Pistol has been vaulted from main area and is now available in the Vault for free.

🚨🎮 New Patch 1.02 for DBG 1V1 Build Fights! 🎮🚨

  • 💥 Now, access the Itemshop straight from DBG 1V1 Build Fights with the innovative itemshop device! 🛍️🔥
  • Plus, ready to make some noise with the new MAMMOTH PISTOL? 🐘💣 Like an ancient beast, this large-caliber, single-shot pistol delivers a crushing blow! 🎯💪
  • Get ready for some wild action! 🌴🏹

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