Fortnite Fashion Show Takes the Runway to the Next Level with Exciting New Updates!

Calling all Fortnite fashionistas and style warriors! The much-adored Fortnite Fashion Show Creative Map has just received a wardrobe upgrade, packed with brand new features that are sure to add an extra layer of style, excitement, and competition to your virtual fashion escapades. From canned chat options for the mic-less maestros to impressive judge commands and more – let’s unpack what’s new!

Say It with Style: Canned Word Chat

Ever found yourself scrambling for words or, worse, not being able to voice your creative judgement because you don’t have a mic? Worry no more! The updated Fashion Show map now includes a fully-fledged canned word chat feature. Now, even if you don’t have a mic, you can still communicate with panache. Choose from an array of pre-written chat options that allow you to express your thoughts, judgments, and theme ideas seamlessly. You’ll never miss a beat in the heat of the fashion battle!

Judge Commands: Precision and Awe on the Catwalk

Judges, your throne awaits! With the new update, judges can now issue commands that arrange all the players in a perfectly straight line. Imagine the sight – the poised warriors, the skins glistening, all lined up for you to behold.

But wait, there’s more! The update also includes air pads, allowing players to showcase their gliders in all their glory as they descend onto the runway. As a judge, you can now witness and evaluate every aspect of your contestants’ ensemble with precision and flair.

Out of the Booth or Out of the Game!

Changing booths are a cornerstone of the Fashion Show, and now there’s an extra twist! Judges can disable the changing booths and if a player does not exit within 30 seconds, they’ll be automatically eliminated from the round. This adds a thrilling layer of urgency and strategy – you better think on your feet (and dress even faster)!

Integration with UEFN and Version Rebranding

The Fashion Show is taking a gigantic leap forward by integrating with UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite). While this transition may present some initial teething issues, the benefits are beyond exciting! Players now have the ability to earn XP that goes towards leveling up their Fortnite Wilds Battle Pass in Chapter 4 Season 3.

Additionally, DBG Creations is excited to announce the rebranding of this update as version 0 (v0) of the map, marking a new beginning with UEFN. Future updates will follow a sequential pattern like v0.1, v0.2, and so on. This rebranding represents our commitment to continual development and enhancement of the Fortnite Fashion Show experience.

Final Thoughts

The Fortnite Fashion Show Creative Map is stepping up its game with these sizzling new updates. Whether you’re a judge or a contestant, the revamped features are bound to elevate the adrenaline, competition, and, of course, the style! So, grab your best outfits and ready your creative instincts – the upgraded runway awaits your legendary presence! 🌟👑

This post is brought to you by DBG Creations, creators of the Fortnite Fashion Show Creative Map.

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