We are beyond excited to announce the BETA release of our newest adventure, Milky Rumble! 🍫🍓

Step into a world where Chocolate Milk meets Strawberry Milk, split right down the middle in a thrilling, fast-paced battlefield! Are you Team Chocolate 🍫 or Team Strawberry 🍓?

Every elimination brings your team closer to that sweet milk transformation. Once either team reaches 25 eliminations, the real fun begins! Both teams transform into adorable, yet fierce, milk carton characters! 🥛💥

Slide and glide on neon grind rails 🌈🛹, fight from multi-level bases 🏰, and interact with friendly NPCs! 👋 And remember, recycle your weapons with our friendly NPC to earn extra gold! ♻️💰

But that’s not all! Be sure to tune in to the exclusive “Embrace the Milk” music track 🎵🎶 that accompanies the map! Currently, it’s only available in-game but stay tuned for its release on Spotify and YouTube soon! 📀💿

Add this special experience to your discover menu by clicking the “Play Now” button below and clicking “Add To Playlist”. And don’t forget to comment below if you come across any bugs 🐞🔍. We need your feedback to perfect this creamy, dreamy experience!

Beta Thumbnail by the talented @Razi2m. 📸👏

Are you ready to Embrace the Milk? Let’s rumble, Milky Warriors! 🎮🥛🎉

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